Monday, October 20, 2008

And his name shall be....

Brian and I are proud to announce that our second baby boy will be named....
Colten Tyler Steele
Austin has "approved" and we all really like the name. It was harder to come up with a name this time around....Austin's name had been picked out since we were dating. This time around we didn't even really discuss it until after the ultrasound! We went to Borders one night when we had some extra time before a dinner we were supposed to go to and both sat down with different name books and threw names back and forth between us.
Only a few names seemed to appeal to both of us and Colten and Tyler kept coming back around. We went back and forth on which should be the first name, then decided that we both liked Colten as the first name better.
As far as how I am feeling....I have been feeling great! I think I am doing MUCH better with my health this time around...and haven't gained as much weight as I did with Austin. I think I'm carrying it better as well! :-) I had been seeing a chiropractor as well, so I hadn't been having much back pain until recently when I haven't had the time to go.
Austin talks all the time about his little brother. He's excited about sharing a room (it was his idea and we are going to see how it goes when Colten sleeps through the night and is moved to his crib). He also says he's going to be a big helper when we have the baby. The other day we were talking about luggage and moving and Brian said something about it being nice that we won't have a whole carry on bag devoted to just diapers, etc this time around (since Austin's in underwear now!). Austin looked horrified and said, "We NEED to bring diapers....the baby will need diapers!!!" I had to explain that there will be plenty of diapers in the stores in Arkansas and that we can just buy some when we get there!
We are excited about meeting our new little guy....let's just hope he decides to come on time instead of being stubborn like his brother and be LATE! :-)

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Lauren Beth said...

Awe.. Colten... that is our baby boy #2 name... if we ever have a baby boy #2 haha! But yeah I love the name!! I bet your getting so excited about all the fun things coming up! SO EXCITING!!! Hope you are feeling well!! :)