Monday, October 20, 2008

Moving Update

Does anyone really believe that we will be back in the contiguous 48 states in less than 3 weeks!?!?
Well, we WILL! Our plane takes off from Hawaii on November 7th and we'll be in Little Rock on November 8th with a kid, one on the way, 2 dogs and a cat (along with plenty of suitcases and bags!). Sounds exhausting to me, but so worth it!

Living in paradise has been fun...but 3 years is definitely long enough for us. We are ready to be back with family and friends and a chance to get in the car and drive to more than a few places! Oh, and can you say EXPENSIVE!?!? :-)

Anyway, our household goods were picked up on Thursday and Friday. Thankfully, the rain held off for those two days to give our stuff a chance at NOT being moldy when we get it! (It rained all day on Wednesday and Saturday!)

We had some loaner furniture delivered on Friday afternoon, along with a washer and a non-working dryer so that we can stay in our current house...just with the bare minimum. The dryer will be fixed tomorrow! We are just glad we don't have to sleep on an air mattress for 3 weeks like we were expecting (and have done before)!

The pets, Abby in particular, were a little freaked out with suitcases being pulled out and stuff being packed up and all that. Toby has gotten over his trauma of being out in the wilderness for a month during our second Christmas here and is making a run for it every time the door is opened. Not sure if that's because of Koa or the move. All I know is that we'll have to be very careful the next couple of weeks so that we have him with us when we board that plane!

The few things we have kept back with us (pots, pans, dishes, linens, etc) will be picked up on 3 November....and we'll be out of housing on the 6th! I have made several To-Do lists....and have kept a calendar back so I can keep track of everything we have to do.

By the way...a big day is next Monday!!! Brian's Change of Command is on the 27th at 10am!!! This is a HUGE deal since he has been in command the whole time we have been here and he's ready for a little break! He has enjoyed his command, but he's looking forward to just having to worry about school and not 120-180 people!

So, what will be doing when we get to the "mainland?" Well, we'll stay at Brian's parents house for a couple of days, then head up to Fayetteville to get the keys to our rental house. We are VERY excited about this house since it is more than TWICE the size of our current house! We will have plenty of room if anyone wants to visit!

At some point, we'll make the drive to Missouri to visit family there....and then back to Little Rock for a little bit longer of a visit AND to go watch the Razorbacks play LSU the day after Thanksgiving.

I'm sure the stuff we have in storage in Virgina will be arriving at some point as well as our household goods, my car, and the unaccompanied stuff we sent back right before we left. I think sometime before Christmas, we will be moved in and settled into our new house and just waiting for Colten to make his arrival!

So, now that I have turned this post into a book, I'll just leave you with a cute picture of our two dogs that will most likely be mad at us when we finally get to Arkansas!

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