Saturday, October 4, 2008

North Shore ... part 2

For some reason, Austin always waits until the last minute to enjoy the water when we go to the beach. He plays in the sand or sits on his towel until 10 minutes before we climb into the car, then he seems to be drawn to the water...even if he's not dressed for it!
In this picture, he has been wading in the surf and then decided to lay down in it...
Then he decided that it wasn't enough to just sit down and lay in it...he needed to get REALLY wet and sandy!
He's happy now...
Then, he found out what happens when you get your jeans wet....they fall down unless you hold them up!
I'm sure our friend Jill would say to add another dollar to the therapy jar with this picture....but I think it's a great picture to show to future girlfriends!

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