Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Koa is getting a post all his own!
He's about 4 months old now and is a whopping 30 pounds! It seems like we've had him forever now. He's only a month older than Abby was when we first got her....and this is the age when I came into Abby's world (after I was done with college and moved back to Fort Campbell to finally live with my husband!!!)
Koa's growing so fast that I'm not exactly sure how big he will be when we finally move back to the mainland. I'm predicting around 50 pounds or so! He will definitely be bigger than Abby is when he's full grown though...but hopefully not as fat! We have noticed that he has a different body type than she had when she was his age though, so he'll have the typical "weim body." He's all legs and looks goofy when he runs towards us!
Right now, he sticks around the yard and doesn't run off. He loves being around us, so when he's in the neighbors fence or in the house when we are outside, he whines and cries. He loves to find avacados in the neighbors yard and eats them whenever he can (they aren't good for him, but he still loves them). In fact, he's ALWAYS looking for food!!! Which is probably why he's growing so so fast!
Koa goes to his kennel on his own whenever we are leaving the house. We tell him to go to bed and walk towards the room and he goes right in. He also goes in there when he's had enough of Austin. :-) However, he LOVES to sleep with Abby instead of in his kennel. We recently (within the last couple of days) let him sleep with her all night and he's done great. He just wants to be close to her and we all sleep much better! Before, it was kind of like practice for when the baby comes...he'd wake up a couple of times whining to sleep with Abby. LOL
We are hoping he continues to be a good dog...and that the chewing phase that Abby went through passes him by without any damage! :-)
Here's a picture of him...I'll post more when I get them off my camera!

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