Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Lights

We went to Fayetteville's Town Square to look at the Christmas lights with our friends Brian, Meredith and Payton.
We got to the square and the lights were just gorgeous. The weather was pretty good too...until about 15 minutes after we showed up and a cold front blew in! Even with the cold, we still had fun visiting with Santa and one of his reindeer (they wouldn't let me take any pictures of Austin talking to the Big Guy), getting a pony ride (that ended prematurely due to a nervous horse), and a dinner of pizza and salad!
Here are two pictures that I got....
Austin was so proud that he was riding the pony. At first, he didn't want to, then we walked around a bit and he decided he did want to ride one and he and Brian got in line. He got on and they started walking around. After about 30 seconds, the horse got nervous and started prancing around....which had Austin looking a little nervous. The horse didn't settle down, so Austin was taken off and a refund was given. Austin said he didn't want to ride much for future pony/horse rides!

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