Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa...Angry Guy No More!

Austin has had only one year where he would get near enough to Santa to sit on his lap...and that was before he was a year old. Every other year, he has been too afraid to even approach him, much less sit on his lap!
Back in the Spring, Austin begged to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap. Seriously, I thought he was crazy because the Easter Bunny is usually pretty scary since he just doesn't even look real! However, my silly boy was just enamored with the big eared guy and loved sitting on his lap. We asked him why he liked the Easter Bunny but not Santa and he said, "The Easter Bunny is happy...Santa is ANGRY!" It has been like that ever since.
UNTIL NOW! We have watched all kinds of Christmas shows and movies lately...Santa Claus 2 being one of them. Brian and I were talking to Austin last Sunday about Santa and how he was nice on the movie, etc and that he's not angry...he's happy. That he gives all kinds of toys to boys and girls and that if Austin didn't tell Santa what he wants, Santa won't know what to bring him!
Austin thought about it for a bit...then said he wanted to sit on his lap.
That's all it took....we got dressed and loaded up in the car and headed to the mall. We waited for Santa to show up and when he did, he walked through the line and talked to all the boys and girls on his way to his chair. Austin was excited and actually said hi to him and gave him a high five!
We wait in the line....almost expecting him to say he wanted to go home at any minute...until we were the next to see Santa. Austin went right up to the Big Guy and sat right on his lap. He told him he wanted Transformers and Star Wars for Christmas, got his picture taken and then got his candy cane (which was one of the reasons he agreed to see him...bribery works this year some of the time).
So, we are afraid of Santa no more. Here's a picture of Austin and Santa....

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