Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Hope!

Austin finally got to go to one of Hope's birthdays! Hope is the daughter of our friends, John and Jill. She was born a couple of months before Austin and since then we have always said they were going to grow up and get married someday! We even have pictures of them holding hands as infants!
Well, since we have been in Hawaii for the past 3 years, Austin has never been able to attend one of Hope's parties....until now!
What a great party! It was at a gymnastics place and was perfect for this age! Austin spent a lot of time running down and jumping into a pit of foam blocks. It was definitely his favorite thing to do!
After playtime, Hope got to open the gifts...and each kid got to sit beside her while she opened the gift that they gave her. This was the closest that the two got to each other during the whole party! :-) There was just so much going on!
Cake and Ice Cream came after gifts and then it was time to go home. I think Austin had a great time...what do you think?

Even Daddy got in on the foam fun!

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