Monday, December 8, 2008

The dogs....

Yes, another post about the dogs! I just can't resist these two pictures though! I'm probably very biased, but we have two very cute dogs....and I love how our puppy, Koa, just LOVES to be around Abby! She acts like she's only tolerating him, but I really think she likes it.

Since leaving Hawaii and almost not getting Abby on the plane because she weighed so much, I am happy to report that she has lost a few pounds! 4 pounds to be exact! She's looking great...and you can really tell she's losing it when you see her waist and the fact that she actually HAS one! :-)

The dogs LOVE our backyard. There's a spot in our yard where they enjoy laying in the sun and I caught them both laying the same way and looking at something the other day. Can you tell which is Abby and which is Koa???

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