Friday, May 29, 2009

Little Miss Suzie Homemaker

After being inspired by a "boutique show" in our area, I decided to make the boys some Razorback pajama pants. I had seen a pair at the boutique show and thought Austin would like them, but didn't want to pay the money for something that I knew I could make!
So, I went and bought fabric and 2 patterns for the boys. I got the fabric cut, pinned, and finally sewn together and they are both very happy with the finished project!
Austin's were supposed to be long pants, but he wanted shorts and I didn't want to make them into shorts, so I cropped them a bit instead. He looks so cute and I think he likes them more as the cropped pants than he would have if they were shorts.
Colten's were supposed to have elastic at the ankles, but I didn't think that would look as good, so I just hemmed them. They are a little big, but that was done on purpose since I didn't want to do all that work and they not fit in a couple of months! So, for now, they are rolled a bit to fit better.
The next project is pants for Brian and myself...then we'll all have matching pants! :-)

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