Thursday, May 21, 2009

Loving This Weather!

We are having pefect weather right now and have been taking advantage of it by being outside a lot. We love our backyard and covered patio and have used it everyday this week. We have even sat outside in our front yard underneath the lone tree in our entire yard.
Here are some pictures of the boys outside in the gorgeous weather.

This boy is LOVING his new (well, new to us) exersaucer...and my arms are loving the break they are getting lately (the boy is HEAVY!).

Austin has learned that he loves hanging upside down on the swinging bar on his playground. Of course, with this comes more anxiety for his Mommy! Right after this picture was taken, he let go of the bar with his legs and landed on his hands like in a handstand...which was not fun to watch. The next time he did it, he missed his hands and landed on his least it's not going to be MY fault if someone asks him, later in life, if someone dropped him on his head when he was young!

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