Monday, May 11, 2009

Playing T-Ball...4 Year Old Style

The league that Austin plays for scheduled 2 t-ball games in a row. Two 45 minute games. Every Saturday.
This weekend's games just happen to be at the worst possible times for this age group...right around lunchtime. When they are supposed to be fed. And resting. Instead, they are around all kinds of other hungry, cranky kids...playing t-ball.
So, not only did this Mastermind of T-ball decide that 4 and 5 year olds should have the attention span for 2 games...but that they should be able to keep it together for both games as well (even when they are supposed to be eating and sleeping).
This is t-ball....4 year old style!
Things start out great. We have everything we need.
Bat? Check. Helmet? Check. Great looking boy in a uniform? Check.
Swing....and hit the ball! Check.

Run after hitting the ball...CHECK! :-)

However, things turn ugly in the outfield....even with our own teammates.

Apparently, there IS an "I" in team...specifically in the word MINE!
Then, when MINE is being said by the teammate...things get a little teary.

Before long, we have multiple meltdowns in the middle of a game.
Austin really is having fun with t-ball. Don't let these pictures fool you. We just had an off day...and Mommy was mean enough to take pictures. And blog about them!
And this is just one aspect of playing t-ball with 4 and 5 year olds. I have pictures of kids sitting in the outfield, sitting on a coach's knee in the outfield, with their glove over their face, picking their nose (yes, really!), and just over all goofing off and totally not paying attention to what they are doing! It's just so much fun watching these kids play a sport at this age! After all is said and done and everyone has their snack and drink, they all have fun and can't wait until the next practice or game!

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