Friday, May 29, 2009

Rainy Weekend in Little Rock

Brian and I decided to drive down to Little Rock last weekend to get away for a bit. We had talked about going to RiverFest, but then didn't want to spend the money on admission, etc, so we hung out with family and friends all weekend. It rained a lot during the weekend, so we were stuck inside most of the time.
The boys loved visiting with everyone. It really is nice to be able to just take off and see family without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a plane ticket!
Here are some pictures from our visit!
I didn't like the coloring on this one, so I changed it to black and white. You can definitely tell that Bobo loves his 4th grandchild!
Yaya also loves her 4th grandchild...and the 3rd one too!

Yaya helping Austin with his "homework" that she gave him. He loves doing pages out of activity books!

Daddy and Colten having a little fun.

Colten having some quiet time with Bobo.

Colten telling Yaya what cards to play.

Playing cards...Brian and I won all three games!

Daddy loving on Colten

Bobo and Colten

Aunt Nancy and Colten at McDonald's

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