Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Austin's new pool

Austin got to get his own kiddie pool last week. We had one at the house in Mililani, but it wasn't very deep and it took up a LOT more space than this new one. Plus, it had a hole in it and I couldn't find where it was, so I threw it away.

I bought this pool before our party on Saturday so that we would have something for the kids to do while everyone was outside having fun and eating. I set the pool up a couple days early though so Austin could take a dip a time or two before sharing it. He LOVES this pool. Here are a few pics of just him and a couple of pictures at the party (I didn't get ANY of the party since I was so busy grilling and then eating and having fun!).

I empty the pool out each night (for two reasons: post regulations and it's just too nasty at the end of the day to keep it filled!) and in the morning, Austin goes to the door and looks out and says, "MY POOL! Where's my POOL!!!!" It was pretty funny the first morning because he thought that he would be able to go swimming at 6:30am when he got up.

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