Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!!

Today is a big day for most military families. We know first hand the sacrifices it took to make this day what it actually is. Deployments make this day even more our loved ones are actually doing what their jobs entail.....directly or indirectly, they are keeping America free. Personally, while I would LOVE for Brian to be home, I am proud of the job he has and wouldn't go back to change a bit of it!

Speaking of, Brian told me a little about his day....they had a day of fun and relaxation over there (not everyone, but missions are 24/7 over there!). Brian got to compete in a horseshoes tournament with his friend Randy where they placed second. Then they were in a hamburger eating contest. I think Brian threw that competition! He got to IM with me a little bit this morning and he sounded good. He's a little bummed that he's not home to celebrate the's one of his favorite days of the year. He's doing well though and is looking forward to coming home (maybe in time for his birthday????) and going on leave!

Austin and I spent the morning doing yard work (we are having a get together on Saturday with our neighbor and some friends) and then after Austin's nap, we went to Schofield Barrack's 4th of July Spectacular. It was a fun time....a little stressful at times with the crowd and a very fast 2 year old, but fun nonetheless! The fireworks were in a weird place, so we had to move to see them, but the kids had fun watching them! That's all that really matters!!! Here are some pictures of the fun before the fireworks!!!

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