Sunday, July 15, 2007

Our Yard Sale...

We had a yard sale yesterday....yes, we actually got up at the crack of dawn and put stuff out. Paula and the kids spent the night and we got up at 5:45am to start putting stuff outside. You wanna know what time our first customer came by? 6:30am!!!!! Yes, a bit early and we weren't anywhere near done putting stuff out there. There are some serious yard salers out there people!!!

Anyway, Austin saw all his things out on the yard and thought it was just a fun way to play! Of course, the old shoes that don't fit him anymore were the first things he put up and took away....too bad Mommy found them again!

Overall, we did really well. There weren't as many people driving around as I thought there would be, but we managed to bring in a little bit of money. I have already set aside some cash for our Disney World Trip in November. We ended up with 4 families selling stuff in my, that alone brought people to the sale. Overall, it was an EXHAUSTING, but productive day.

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