Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Easter Morning was an early one! The Easter Bunny left some really great goodies for Austin and had hidden some Eggs for him as well. However, after going through the Easter Basket at 5:30 in the morning, we had to get going for Sunrise Service at Waimea Bay. It proved to be too early for Austin, as he had a fit and wouldn't go into the Children's tent willingly. Instead, the workers assured us that he would calm down soon after we left him there....Austin proved them wrong and they had to walk him around the tent during the service to keep him happy.
The service was good and it wasn't too bad being up that early! So, we stayed for a bit and ate some breakfast that the church provided and took in the views of the water.
When we got home, Austin helped me bake some Easter Cookies and then we went out and hunted for those eggs! Austin did a great job finding them...but had to have some help when the Easter Bunny decided to hide them in the bushes.
We were supposed to have Ham and Beans for lunch/dinner. However, I forgot to soak the beans in water the night before, so it wouldn't have worked out. Instead, we had brats for lunch and Outback for dinner! :-)
Overall, it was a great day! Happy Easter Everyone!

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