Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Not so ready....

Some of you know that Austin is still not potty trained. He just is so comfy in his diapers and just doesn't seem to want to stop playing to sit on the potty! Lately, he has been asking to sit on the potty. He hasn't gone yet (well, once he's gone number 2, but I think it was a fluke).

Yesterday, he started freaking out when you change his diapers on anything elevated. That means the couch, the bed, ANYTHING up off the floor! Seriously, he freaks out and cries and keeps saying he's scared. I'm GUESSING he had a dream about falling off the bed or somewhere high up and that's what started it. You ask him why he's scared and he just says, "because."

So, today after TRYING to change his diaper, I decided we would just throw the kid into underwear and see how he does. About 45 minutes after we put him in underwear, we had to go to the store. He was really good and didn't even wet his pants. I kept telling him that if he felt he needed to go potty, to let me know and we'll go to the bathroom.
Well, we get home in dry pants, and he wants to play outside. I tell him that he needs to come use the potty first and he runs off to play instead. So, I put my purse in the house and let Abby outside and he comes running from the neighbors door....and then I see it. His pants are all wet and I see a wet spot where he had just stood to go. LOL.
So, I just take him inside and take off the wet clothes, put him on the potty (knowing he's all empty, but wanted to see just in case) and then put dry clothes on him after he sat there for a bit.
So, Austin goes back out to play until Brian comes home for lunch. After lunch, we tell Austin that he needs to go potty on the toilet before he takes his nap. He sits there but doesn't go. So, I said that he will probably have to wear his diapers since he didn't go potty. He said, "no diapers...I'm not a baby!" So, I pad his bed and hope that he continues to be dry when he wakes up just like he has been for over a year now!
He wakes up from his nap and he's dry, so we go sit on the potty. Nope, no peepee he says. I have him sit there for about 15 minutes and NOTHING! So, we go outside to play....10 minutes later, he's riding his bike with Taite and I see him standing up in one place....and Taite runs to tell us that Austin's peeing in his pants. I went over there to get him and take him inside to change him. I said, "I thought you were going to stop playing to go potty." He said, "I did!" I guess he forgot the part where you go potty in the TOILET!
OH WELL.....guess we'll wait a bit more before we try again.


Liz said...

i just caught up on your blog! i love all your pictures - they sure make me miss hawaii! kaneohe bay is so pretty - did you see any hammerhead sharks? the little ones hang out in the marina area. :) austin is getting so big!! dude, you're not giving much hope for potty training luke!! haha. glad to see you guys are doing so well! take care...

YVETTE said...

Hey Kerum it's Yvette from Pw. I have a suggestion, instead of having austin sit on the potty just lift up the seat and have him stand there, on his tip toes if needed. See if that will help him hurry and go. I think at this age they want the quickest way to go potty and maybe by having him stand there you can say "hurry go so I can pull up your pants".
The reason I say this is with my 1st son we did the sit down and go and with Jacob we really did the stand up and go from the beginning and it seemed to work faster(being trained) but not younger, lol. Good luck. I always enjoy reading your blog.