Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fun Fest Excitement

Schofield has a carnival type event called the Fun Fest. It's usually the day before Easter and they have bouncers, rides, games, food, and all kinds of fun things to do and see.
Brian and I took Austin this year and it turned into a pretty decent day. Austin could have been in a better mood, but overall, he had fun.
Now, I have to say, Austin is usually all for getting on the bouncers and even last year, he went on some of the rides. This year, we waited in 5 lines....only once did he actually go on what we waited for! He would BEG to get in line for something, we'd take him, then we'd wait and FINALLY get to the ride or bouncer and then he'd be like, "I too scared." So, then he'd BEG to go on another ride or bouncer, we wait, then finally get to his turn and the same thing...he's scared!
Finally, a friend of his, Taite, showed up and we took them to the game area where they had fun playing games and getting prizes.

They had a petting zoo as well and in one area of the petting zoo was this cage of chicks. Do you see what colors they dyed these chicks??? Austin was just in awe of these little things....wonder how they did it and if it's permanent or not!

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YVETTE said...

We seen some dogs that had all of their heads dyed different colors this year, lol!