Monday, March 23, 2009

New Church Members

On Sunday, our family became the newest member of First United Methodist Church in Springdale, AR. :-)
When we decided to move to NW Arkansas, we knew we wanted to start going to the church that Britt Skarda preached at. Brian had heard Britt preach for years at his childhood church and always told me what great messages he gave.
This church has a great feeling of community to it. You walk in the door and it feels like a smaller church even though they have over 3000 members. They have a lot of bible study groups that you can join, a great children's program complete with a pre-school (that Austin should be going to starting in August), and of course, the Skardas! :-)
We are excited about getting more involved in the church and meeting more people.
Here's a picture of our family after we joined....
(I can't believe that BOTH kids are looking at the camera!)

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yaya said...

What a great picture! You all looked sooooooo good. Sure do miss you. I need a 'grandkid' fix!