Tuesday, March 24, 2009

T-Ball...The Nationals

FINALLY! Austin gets to be on a team! We have been waiting for him to be old enough to start SOME kind of sport. We have to drive 30 minutes to get him there, but it's SO worth it! Our town doesn't have t-ball for 4 year olds, so we had to go to another town's league so that Austin could play.
The coach is really good. He's a Vice Principal at an elementary school, so he's got a lot of patience. He's teaching them the basics and isn't the yelling type, so we are really happy with that (you should have heard a coach at the field next to us).
Austin was really nervous before his first practice on Friday. It seemed like he thought he was going to be the only little boy who didn't know everything about baseball. He kept saying that he didn't know how to play and we had to keep telling him that he would learn and that's why we signed him up. We told him that all the other kids were just learning about baseball too, so they were all probably nervous like him. He seemed to accept that and was VERY excited when it was time to leave.
I didn't get pictures of his first practice. I forgot the camera, which was probably a good thing anyway since it was cold and I spent a lot of the time in the car feeding Colten.
I did get pictures of Monday's practice. Here are a few that show what they worked on:

The coach has the kids hold hands and go into a circle for stretches...they have fun with that!

Stretching to the toes.

Little Brother in his carseat...

Getting ready to run the bases.

Throwing at a target.
(they are catching tennis balls because they are learning how to catch with their gloves up...if they miss, it doesn't hurt as bad when it hits them in the face)

Batting with the coach. I wasn't paying attention to how he was hitting...Brian had to come over and tell him that Austin hits left handed (but catches and throws right handed).

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