Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Pick Up

I was taking Colten's picture today and Austin was helping me. He was sitting next to Colten on the floor when I stood up to get something. As soon as I stood up, Austin said something and I turned back around to see THIS:

Apparently, Austin thought Colten needed to be held and just picked him up. I'm guessing he did pretty well since Colten wasn't upset about it and obviously wasn't hurt! I'm just glad they were both on the floor and that Colten has pretty good head/neck control!
Actually, Colten must have liked it because he was smiling at Austin, as you can see in this picture!
FYI - I did tell Austin that next time he needed to ask Mommy or Daddy for help if he wants to hold Colten. He understood and said that he'll ask next time...guess we'll see! He just wanted to help me and Colten out...that's something to be proud of, right!?!? :-)

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