Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meeting Cousin Emma

Austin and Colten got to meet their newest cousin, Emma. Before she was even born, Austin asked if I thought Aunt Amanda would let him hold his cousin. I told him that I was pretty sure she would.
He was pretty excited to hold her and I think you can tell in this picture!
Colten loved his little cousin as well and treated her just like he treats his little brother, maybe even a little better! He kept staring at her and kissing her and hugging her. The boy loves his babies!
Aiden and Emma are only about 4 weeks apart, so I know they'll have a lot of fun together as they grow up and see each other during visits.
After getting back from our trip to Missouri, we got the great news that there will be another cousin added to our family! Jimmy and Eryn are expecting their first child in June. It's going to be fun times when all the cousins get together! I'm so glad my kids are going to have memories of all the fun times they have with their cousins that I was able to have growing up!

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