Monday, October 4, 2010

Sneak Preview

My brother, Jimmy, and his fiancee, Eryn, are getting married this weekend! When they got engaged, they asked if Austin wanted to be in the wedding. Brian and I have both been in weddings as kids, so we thought it would be a good memory for Austin to have as well. Plus, we knew he'd love to be apart of his uncle's special day!
Eryn said that if we wanted, we could just buy him a suit instead of renting a tux and that black and white would be good. I have looked all over for a basic black suit and have found them only in bigger sizes. All of the suits in Austin's size have either been navy blue or pin stripe. After checking with Eryn, she said that if a black suit wasn't to be found, that a pin stripe would be fine. I think she might think it's more than fine after she see this picture of our handsome little boy!
Since JcPenny's was having a BOGO sale, we went ahead and got a shirt/tie combo. It's not white and black, but we already have a white shirt in the closet and can find a basic black tie if Eryn doesn't like the gray shirt and black/gray/blue tie. (Eryn, just let me know...)
Even more important is that Austin LOVES this suit. We got home from the store and he couldn't wait to get it back on again. He wanted to wear it the rest of the day, but we told him he could try it all on at the same time and I'll take some pictures, but that he couldn't play in it. We just need some new black shoes to go with it (he has already outgrown his other ones) and then he'll be set.
Oh, and a haircut. The boy needs a haircut!

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