Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Whole Month

I'm late, I know, but I have a good reason!
Since we were in Missouri when Aiden actually turned a month old, I took his picture the day we left. I knew I wouldn't be able to post it until we got back since it was going to be a crazy busy weekend. I also didn't have internet access, so posting would have been a little hard without that!

He definitely looks bigger and just keeps looking cuter in those FuzziBunz!
Aiden is wearing 0-3 month clothes and when he's in disposable diapers, he wears a size 1. He's about 9 1/2 pounds right now as well. We'll know his exact measurements at his 2 month appointment. He is a strong boy and lifts his head really well, however, he doesn't really like tummy time at this point. He really wants to smile and I think he's kind of smiled once, but it was only for a second and he hasn't done it since. I'm thinking maybe this week or next he'll really start smiling. He still sleeps a lot, but has a lot more alert time than in the past couple of weeks.
Aiden is really particular about his temperature. He likes it really warm and prefers to be swaddled at all times. This also means that he doesn't really like baths so much. Lately, he's been really needy and wants to be in someone's arms as much as possible. It's hard to believe how much my back hurts after carrying around a 9 pound kid all day!
Aiden has been a great addition to our family and we all love him so much. He's a special little boy and we can't imagine life without him!

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