Thursday, January 13, 2011

Army Friends

They are different than civilian friends. They are usually people that you normally wouldn't have ever had the pleasure of knowing if it weren't for the Army. They come from different states, went to different schools, and root for different teams (Go Hogs!). However, the Army brings them into your life for a while (hopefully more than once!) and you bond quickly. We laugh together, cry together, and "wine" together. :-) When the time comes to PCS, you say goodbye and hope that the Army brings your families together again down the road. If not, you still stay in touch, send Christmas cards, and visit when you're in "the area" (you know, in the same state or even just the same region!).
The other day, I got the pleasure of taking family photos for our dear friends, The Fleshman's. John will be deploying with Brian this month and they haven't had the time to go and get photos done professionally, so I told them I'd help them out.

John and Jen are awesome people who would help out in anyway they could. This was the family that Austin was with when he had his first seizure. I am thankful it was them and not just any other neighbors that he happened to be with. Even before that night, I trusted them with my kids and it became apparent that my trust was in the right hands.

Their kids and our kids play together. Sometimes just like they were siblings...which means that they don't always get along EVERY time they are together, but they are always happy to see each other! :-)

I am thankful for the Army. It has given us true friends throughout the years to add to the civilian friends we already had. While the Army brought us together, it doesn't have to be the thing that keeps us together. Even after the Army, we know that there are just going to be people that we love so dearly that we'll keep in touch, visit with and always call our FRIENDS.

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Anonymous said...

Love the photos AND your comments on Army friends. I can truthfully say "Ditto"! We still look forward to hearing from our Army friends. I know that Jen and John and family are special to your family! Love u--YaYa