Monday, January 24, 2011

Personal Daddies!

A package came on the Saturday before D-Day. It was a gift for each of the boys from Daddy.

Do you see how excited Austin was? And Colten was so surprised. He hugged on his as soon as Brian gave it to him. SO sweet!
So happy to be getting an updated Daddy Doll. Austin has had one since the first deployment he went through, but it was decided to give him a new one. The old one is our "back up" in case something happens to one of the new ones.
Aiden likes to hug on his and slobber all over it. It's funny because he looks right at Daddy's face and then puts it right up to his mouth like a kiss. It's probably just a coincidence, but I like the idea that he knows who his Daddy is even by just looking at a picture.
Colten was SO glad to be getting his own Daddy Doll. He has been trying to take Austin's for a while now and now he has his very own to hug on!
Showing off his new Daddy Doll. This one is much better because it actually has "Daddy Loves Austin" on it while the old one didn't have any words on it. It's also nice that no one is going to argue over whose is whose. :-)
Such a special moment...I am so glad they came before Brian left so that he was able to give them to the boys in person.
Daddy Dolls is such a wonderful company. When we tried to order these dolls, I was having problems with their order form. There was some sort of glitch, so I e-mailed their customer service. They were so nice and replied right back, then called me so quickly when I said that I would just place my order over the phone. When we found out the exact day Brian was leaving, we wondered if they would make it to our house in time for him to give the dolls to the boys. I e-mailed the same wonderful woman and she e-mailed me right back and said that she was happy to tell me that they had been shipped and that the package would get there soon since it usually only takes 3 or 4 days to get them. We ended up getting them that day.
I HIGHLY recommend this company for any military family. {Oh, and since I have that ad banner over on the right side, I think I'm supposed to say something about this being said all on my own and that I wasn't compensated in the least bit by}
So, now our kids all have their personal Daddy to hug and love on while the real Daddy is away.

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