Thursday, January 6, 2011

Papa Visits! (Catch Up from November!)

At the end of November, Papa and Miss Lois came to visit us! We had a fun week, but unfortunately, it was just one of those weeks where I didn't pick up the camera a lot. Hence, not a lot of photos. I think I took a picture or two on my camera of the night we played Kinect. It was a lot of fun and I think XBox may have some new customers soon! :-)
Papa loves history and the military stuff. So, we went to the Airborne and Special Operations Museum one of the days they were here. It was a great museum and had some older veterans there visiting as well that we talked to. It's always special to be able to talk with them and hear them remember the past.
We spent quite a bit of time walking around and reading about the exhibits. Colten started getting cranky near the end since it was his naptime, but he really did great during the visit.
Papa let the boys pick out their Christmas gifts while visiting. He took them shopping at different times so he could focus on them individually. I really thought Colten would be easy, but I think he took longer than Austin did because he just doesn't make decisions very well! He wants it all! Austin ended up getting some Beyblades that he has been begging us for, so he was a happy boy!
{as a side note: he had gotten a hovercraft-type thing made by Air Hogs. We ended up taking it back because it would only work for 3-4 minutes before it had to be charged again. I called the company and they said this is how it was supposed to work. Seriously? They're going to make a kid wait for 30-40 minutes for a toy to charge up just so they can play with it for 3-4 minutes? Ridiculous!}
The boys playing with the new toys.
Happy with the new toy!
Playing with Papa.
Picture time!!! People always grumble when I do this, but if it wasn't done, we wouldn't have the pictures later! :-)
I couldn't decide which picture to put in because I love both of them. Colten really is a silly little boy. He makes me laugh on a daily basis, mulitple times a day!
We were happy to have visitors. The boys always have some much fun and it's nice to visit with them after the kids go to bed.

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