Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dying...Eggs, That Is!

I'm playing catch up with posting our pictures from Easter. Life just gets crazy and I don't feel like downloading pictures from my camera or sorting through the hundreds of pictures I take of each "event." If you think that's bad...I have NO printed pictures of Aiden up anywhere in the house. I'm a bad mom...just say it! :-)

Anyway, we always dye Easter Eggs the day before Easter. Aunt Paula called us up that morning (maybe afternoon?) and asked if we had dyed our eggs yet. Since we hadn't, they decided to come over so the kids could dye them together. The boys were excited...they just LOVE their cousins!

We got the dye all ready and put it outside for the kids to do it out there. Less mess that way and it was such a nice evening! Colten is at that age where he's really into more of the holiday traditions. He loved dying the eggs!



Colten didn't have a nap that day, so he was pretty tired by this time! He did a great job though...he's getting so big!


Some of Colten's eggs.


Austin had his own way of dying the eggs and was pretty particular about how they were supposed to be.


Aiden even got to try it out with Uncle Matt's help. If you're wondering why Aunt Paula is rarely in any photos, it's because she can be a little camera shy and I know she is really picky about what photos she'll let me post. :-) Love ya, girl!


So happy!


Counting his eggs to make sure they're all there.


The kids had a blast and it was nice to hang out with the other Steele's in the area! We are truly blessed to be stationed at the same place as them for a second time!

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