Friday, May 13, 2011


Our company had a Easter egg hunt event one day. Unfortunately, it was in the middle of the day, on the same exact day and the same exact time as Austin's egg hunt at school. I knew that Colten was at the age where he totally "gets" egg hunts now, so I really wanted to take him to one. I decided that we would head to the company event so he could have some Mommy time (even though Aiden was with us).

The event was bigger than I expected and you could tell a lot of work had gone into it. There was food, games, the egg hunt and lots of prizes. We had already eaten lunch, but Colten loves cupcakes the icing on top of cupcakes, so I let him have one.


Since the games were a little mature for him (egg toss, spoon on the egg, etc) we played at the nearby playground while waiting for the egg hunt to begin.

The skies were threatening to rain on us the whole time, and I really thought we were going to beat the rain. Colten was ready to find those eggs and was irritated that Mommy wouldn't let him go after them right away.


Finally, he got to go after them and that's when the rain started. Just big drops here and there.


Showing off his eggs.


Then, the sky opened up and we all rushed for cover. Good thing the event was held at a pavilion! I love this picture of Colten with hair wet from the rain. Aiden, luckily, was in the carseat and a nice Mom asked if I wanted to put his carseat in her Graco stroller. It worked out really well so that the shades to both of them kept him nice and dry!


Colten may not have won a "big" prize, but he was very happy with the candy that he realized was IN the eggs!

Ps. Don't you just LOVE the Hawaiian shirt on him??? I think he looks great in those bright colors!!! And the cupcake at the beginning totally matched his shirt! :-)

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