Friday, May 20, 2011

Easter Baskets

Easter is not all about the baskets, bunny, or candy. We do celebrate Easter for the real reason and are so thankful for the life that Jesus gave us by dying on the cross for our sins. We celebrate the fact that he rose again.

However, we also enjoy some of the more non-religious traditions as well! The Easter Bunny hiding eggs, bringing candy and filling Easter baskets is so much fun for the kids! This year, we laid out carrots for him and the boys thought that was just GREAT!


Each boy got a pair of fun socks, sunglasses, character plate and bowl, chocolate bunny, straw cup an bubbles. The two younger boys got a book while Austin got a magnetic monkey toy that I remember having as a child. The two older boys also got wooden whistles and Aiden got a baby bouncy toy. Then, they each got something that fit their personality: a Lego Star Wars toy for Austin, a Thomas train for Colten and a baby race car for Aiden. Add in the candy and the baskets were FULL!


I might have gone a little overboard, but it never looks like too much until I start assembling the baskets!

Colten was ALL over the candy. Having already been to an egg hunt, he knew that the eggs held candy for him to eat!

Aiden seemed to know that his basket was for him to get into! It was so funny to see him reaching for particular things!


Austin looked cool in his awesome shades.


Colten still puts his on upside down...but they have Mickey Mouse on them, so that's awesome in his little world!


And this was the first...and last....time that Aiden will wear his! He won't keep them on for anything. They immediately get ripped off as soon as I put them on him!


Austin went to work on his Lego toy pretty quickly and did a great job putting it together!


Aiden pulled everything out of his basket. Don't worry, I pulled the eggs that contained candy out of it so he wouldn't choke! :-)


It was a good morning filled with lots of laughter, smiles and fun. Just one person was missing...but we got to talk to him and show him what the Easter Bunny brought, so that made it a tiny bit better.

After a good breakfast, we went to church and each child had a good time in their respective classes/nurseries. I really missed the traditional songs we usually sing in church, but was glad that we were able to go! I think that since then, we have missed church each week because of illnesses! Hoping we can get back there soon!

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