Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An "event"

Today was a rough day. This is just one part of it and I'm only explaining it here because it's too long to put into a status on Facebook and not everyone I know has a Facebook account.

Austin had an EEG today. We haven't had any seizures or anything that we know of, but we are checking to make sure he's not having seizure activity causing him to blank out and lose focus. We have always wondered if Austin was ADHD (just not as hyperactive as some kids). He has a lot of the signs of it, but we never wanted to do something drastic if he didn't need it. Basically, if he was having problems in school, that's when we would be worried. I think it's safe to say that it's affecting him in school (both by my observations and his teacher's) and it's causing him to not like school. A Kindergartener shouldn't dislike school. Even after 4 days of not going, he doesn't want to go tomorrow. That's not something I like to hear.

So, to rule out seizure activity causing the focus problems, an EEG was scheduled and then we will look into other things. Monday was the day, but since he was sick, it was moved to this afternoon.

After putting the leads on Austin, the first test they do is having him blow on a pinwheel for 3 minutes. It's really hard to do and the kids are exhausted by the time they are done. With a minute left or so, you could tell something wasn't right. Just looking at his face and his eyes, I knew something was off. He started making weird sounds and wouldn't respond to us. I can’t even describe his movements…just abnormal and he said the word four (or for?) a couple of times and some other sounds. He stopped for a moment, then started the same behavior. We finally got him to snap out of it (or else he snapped out of it on his own) and he started crying. He couldn’t tell us what was wrong, but he didn't want to continue. We talked him down a bit and he was able to do the rest of the EEG (this was at the very beginning). He said a couple of times that he didn't want to do it while we were sitting there, but I tried to distract him.

Later, when I was able to talk to him before we picked up Colten, I asked him why he was crying; if something had happened. We didn't tell him what happened and didn't talk about it too much (it was a tech that administered the EEG), so I didn't think he knew what had happened. He said that he went back. I didn't understand and then he said he went back to the first day of school. That he wasn't really there, but that he saw the first day of school. I'm guessing he wasn't aware of what was going on.

We'll find out what exactly it was next week. The tech said that it was either a seizure or not enough oxygen getting to the brain. Sort of like when you hyperventilate. Either way, I am glad it happened under a controlled environment. If it was a seizure, this showed us that we need to increase his meds to make sure he’s covered in as many situations as possible.

This is small potatoes compared to what some people are having to watch their children go through. I am thankful, everyday, that our children are all pretty healthy. We have the regular childhood illnesses to get through, but a hospital is not my children's home for weeks at a time. We are experts through real-life situations on anything in the medical world and we don't know all kinds of scary terms that require a conversation just to explain them. I'll happily take the problems we have to face. They may seem big sometimes and I can get stressed at times dealing with them, but I feel that I am pretty lucky when I look at the whole picture.


~aj~ said...

Kerum, I am a friend of a friend and check in on your blog from time to time (you have such precious boys!) and I just wanted to say that I hope you find answers to help Austin.

My husband has had several incidents of passing out in the last 13 years or so. Some have been quite bad (falling and injuring himself) and every single time that he has passed out, he has said he has had incredible deja vu. I've never had deja vu. I've heard of it, but always thought it sounded "hokey" and thought people probably made it up or exaggerated what was happening. My husband is the most honest person I know and he swears that his deja vu experiences are unbelievably vivid. He's gotten to the point where if he feels one coming on, he's able to quit thinking about it and lay down and the episode will pass. If not, then he passes out without fail. He had a sleep study and EEG back in the day and they never figured anything out. Now that he's able to stop them it's not an issue much anymore.

Sorry for being so long-winded, but the way Austin described seeing that 1st day of school again made me instantly think of deja vu and how it affects my husband. I don't know what it means other than the brain is a fascinating thing.

I'll say a prayer for Austin!

Sonja Sommers-Milbourn said...

I wanted to affirm what AJ said about the brain....It IS a fascinating thing. When issues related to it can be a bit overwhelming (as has come up in my own family from time to time), just considering the magnificence of it all and reading more about it, has helped me.

With that said, Kerum, it is obvious that you have a world of 'moms', 'sisters', and other friends surrounding you with love.
Keep us posted and ask for help when you need a break. Hug those precious boys!

Ellie said...

Thinking of you Kerum, and Austin. Its so scary when your kids are struggling and there is nothing to do. I hope that the coming week brings you answers so you can work together to help Austin to reach a state of comfort.

Brian and Kerum said...

AJ, thanks for the story. I feel that it is most likely not a seizure and was more along the lines of not getting enough oxygen. We'll see though...I could be totally off! The deja vu part was what made me think that it was along those lines and your story makes me think that even more. :-)

Sonja, you always have such positive comments! Thank you!

Ellie, just like Sonja, you are always so positive and helpful. This is how moms should be to each other! :-)

Grandpa John said...

Kerum, I am Paul Oliver's mother Pat. I am a very spiritual person and believe you should read the book "Heaven is for Real" by Todd Burpo. Cost $13 at Wal Mart. The child in this book can remember before he was born and the experience is much the same as your son's. I think you might be interested in reading this book.
I found it fascinating and believeable. I can remember some deja vu experiences when I was only at 3 or 4 months old, and throughout my life, that I still remember today and I am 72 yrs old. So he may have seen his first day at school and it may have been frightening because he didn't understand how he could know something that occurred in his life before it actually happened.

I have had many what you call deja vu experiences through out my life.

Get the book. Person who wrote it is his mother's account of what Todd relates to her. He is only about 6 yrs old now.

Hope this helps you and your son Austin