Saturday, April 5, 2008

Big Island Water Falls

Our trip to the Big Island started off at 5am when we had to get up and ready for our 7:39am flight to Hilo!

Our flight was pretty uneventful and we got our rental car with no problems. We headed out from the airport towards our first destination....Akaka Falls State Park. There are supposed to be two waterfalls here, but the trail was under construction, so we could only see Akaka Falls. They really were do not do it justice. The water falls 420 feet and there was even a little rainbow about halfway down.

After Akaka Falls, we headed back towards Hilo, took a scenic route, and then went to Rainbow Falls. This was a little different...not as far of a drop, but still very pretty and neat the way there is this huge cavern behind the falls.

Austin loved seeing the waterfalls and going for "hikes" to see them. Although neither were much of a hike since they both took less than 2 minutes! :-)

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