Friday, April 11, 2008

A Product Review...the Ergo Carrier

So, before we found out about our miscarriage, I had ordered a baby carrier that I had heard was really good. We had gotten an Amazon gift card for the baby and I figured that since this carrier was so expensive, I would use the gift card to buy it.
This carrier holds up to 40 pounds, so I decided to see if Austin would fit in it when I got it in the mail. Surprisingly, he did and it didn't feel too bad on my back or anything.
When we were planning our trip to the Big Island, I figured we would take it just in case Austin got too tired to walk back to the car in the middle of a hike.
I LOVE this carrier. Austin is only a few pounds from the top weight of 40 pounds and the only thing I felt was the workout I got in my legs from having almost 40 more pounds added on to me! I carried him, Brian carried him and we both agreed that it was a great carrier. Even Austin LOVED it!
So, for any of you with toddlers, infants, or a baby in your belly (Jill are you reading this???) you have got to check this out!!! It is a little pricey, but considering you can use it until they are 3 years old, it's a great product (plus, Austin is heavier than most of his peers, so most children would be able to use it a little longer than he could).
Here's a picture of Brian carrying him...just like carrying him piggy back, but SO MUCH EASIER!!!

Liz, if you're reading this, this would be perfect for your travels in Germany and the rest of Europe....I know those cobblestones aren't fun with a stroller!!!

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Liz said...

that carrier looks great - it didn't hurt your shoulders at all?? i have a carrier and after awhile i had to tuck my hands under the shoulder strap (even though they were padded) to help take some of the weight off. i'd love to get one, especially with all the walking around we do - BUT i am so afraid luke will hate it and freak out. the kid loves to walk and do i have to remind you he is 2 therefore prone to freakouts. i can just imagine him screaming "down! down! want to walk!!" but austin loved it huh? hmmm...i'll have to write down the name of it and check it out. ;)