Monday, April 7, 2008

Black Sand Beach

We woke up on Sunday, our last day, and decided to drive down to Punaluu Beach. It's a black sand beach where turtles are known to sunbathe.
Well, we get there, black sand all over, but no turtles sunbathing. Oh well, we know where they like to hang out on Oahu, so we are just happy with the tide pools and the black sand. :-) Oh, we did see a turtle in the that was pretty cool.

My silly boys....Austin started saying "Scooby Doo!!!" instead of "Cheese!" when you take his picture...I have a TON of pictures with his lips squeezed together instead of smiling! LOL...and of course, Brian is making a silly face in this one too...he's the one who got Austin saying "Scooby Doo" in the first place!
And here's a better one of Brian...and smiling to boot!
Since we had Aloha tickets for this trip and ultimately had to rebook our flights because Aloha Airlines went out of business before our trip, we had a LOT of time on Sunday and not really anything else we wanted to do (or wanted to spend the time takes FOREVER to get anywhere on this island!!!). So, we went to a movie (Horton Hears a Who), then drove through McDonalds and got food to eat at a park where Austin played for a few hours...then we finally got to board our plane at 10:05 and finally got home sometime after midnight! It was a great trip, but we were happy to finally be home and in our own bed.
By the way, KMC (the military place we stayed at on Saturday night) was, if anyone you know is planning a trip to the Big Island and they are military, tell them that KMC is the place to stay!!!

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