Friday, April 11, 2008

A future Calvin Klein Model???

The first day we went to see the lava flowing into the ocean, Austin was all over the place. At one point, he said, "Mommy, take my picture!" and started smiling and posing for me. These were cute little poses and since you don't normally get him to stand still for pictures very often, I took advantage of this mood he was in!

Here's a picture of what he started posing like...

Then, it took a dramatic change....and I'm not even sure where he learned to pose like this, but it looks like he's posing for an underwear commercial or something!!!

And it didn't stop after that day....almost everywhere we went, we got pictures of him doing this!

Hand on hips and this "look." Even at the beach!!!
I wonder if this new pose has come hand in hand with his new attitude...cause he's definitely taken on an attitude like you wouldn't believe lately!!! Paula warned me....there terrible twos are nothing compared to the threes....and I'm starting to see what she was talking about!!!

From running through Sears leaving a trail of movies behind him, to turning off the warmers at the restaurant buffet, all while smiling and calling out "Haha!", Austin has shown a side of himself that is making us question his ability to be out in public like the rest of civilized society! Our trip to the Big Island showed us the wild side of nature AND Austin!

Brian and I would like our sweet little boy back, so if you see him, would you please show him the way back to Hawaii???


jilljohnandhope said...

Too funny! It looks like you guys had a great trip! Feel free to send that sweet boy to Arkansas. I know a few people who would take him off your hands for a while!

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