Thursday, August 27, 2009

7 Months

This boy is growing like a weed! He's 7 months old today and I just don't know where all that time went! Is he really more than half-way to a year old? Apparently, he thinks he's big stuff with all the stuff he's getting into nowadays!

Here are some facts about him:
*He is getting into everything...crawling everywhere and heads straight for the dogs' water bowls as soon as he can. Baby gates are usually up in the kitchen doorways to prevent this.
*He's getting a couple more teeth in, but they are taking FOR.EV.ER! I can see a white tip on his left bottom side, but it just won't come through.
*Colten LOVES to be outside. Our grass in the backyard is pretty tall right now, but it's so soft. He sits there and pulls at the grass and tries to eat it. Then he just crawls through it and has a blast.
*He hates green beans and peas. He makes this funny face and then spits it right back out. Tonight we tried whole green beans cut into little pieces and he ate a few, then kept spitting them out.
*I have caught him feeding Cheerios to the dog the other day. Literally leaning over the side of his booster and handing one of the dogs a Cheerio. I think they will be the best of friends. :-)
*Colten is a smart one. Today while taking his pictures, I had my lens cap on the floor near us and he found it and put it right up to my lens. I took it and set it down again and he did the exact same thing. He knows exactly what it's there for and decided he was done with pictures!
*He loves his brother, but especially loves when his brother is crying. He cracks up at this...which Austin hates!
*Colten HATES going to bed. We are at the point where he won't fall asleep in our arms, but won't fall asleep in the crib either. Where does he fall asleep? We have no clue. Still trying to figure that one out! Right now, he fights sleep tooth and nail...and only succumbs to it when he just doesn't have the energy to fight it anymore.
*He's getting faster at crawling, but still would rather cruise. He's tried to go from one thing to another with further gaps and I'm sure the day will come (too soon) when he makes that leap and takes those steps. I'm hoping its not for a couple more months, at least!
*Colten loves food. He has begun to sign some words, but has "MORE" down very well. The others (milk, eat, all done he will sometimes imitate when you do them). This kid can have a TON of Cheerios, puffs, or bananas and will still be signing "more." And he doesn't like it when I sign "all done" back to him. I seriously think he would eat until he explodes.

I'll post his stats when he goes to the doctor next week.

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