Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Whole Steele Family

It's not often that the whole Steele Family gets to be in one place at a time. Maybe once or twice a year does this happen. So, when we heard Matt and Paula were going to be in Little Rock AND John had the weekend off as well, we decided to go against what we had planned (remember, no more travelling for a while?) and drive the 3 hours down to visit with everyone.
Austin loves his cousins. Ever since we visited them in Alabama, he has been asking when we get to go back to their house (uh, not anytime soon since it was a 10 HOUR drive!). He always asks if we can go there TOMORROW. :-) So, we figured the more time we can allow for him and Nate and Anna to be together, the better! Besides, it's only a matter of time when Nathan is too cool to hang with his younger cousin and before Anna figures that boys and makeup are more important than playing Battleship with Austin! :-) Of course, I know they'll always love him, it's just the way things are when you become a teenager!
By the way, if you wonder why there are more picture of Colten than's because Austin was off playing with Nathan and Anna and not easily accesible like Colten!

Colten "eating" a teething biscuit in the highchair that has been used by John, Nathan, Anna and Austin.

Bill, Brian and Lucas looking at the Mantauk Monster.

The cousins beating up on Matt.

Anna loving on Colten.

Grandmother, Colten and Anna visiting.

Granddad checking out how big Colten has gotten.

Aunt Paula loving on Colten.
Yaya and Austin in the pool...he was in the deeper end floating with his life jacket! This is BIG for Austin!

Colten and Uncle John in the pool.

A sleeping Colten on his Daddy's chest.

Colten just about asleep on Yaya's chest. The water just tired him out!

Love this picture!

Ok, this picture too!

In awe...I think he was looking at Nathan.

The family, minus us! Austin threw this big, huge fit and had to be taken inside. I guess they took the picture anyway! Maybe a family picture will be taken next time!

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