Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our Fishy

Can you believe this? Austin is JUMPING into the water...and LOVING it!

We went to the pool today and got Austin a life jacket. He's been getting braver and braver everytime we go swimming (lake or pool) and today has just been the biggest accomplishment he has done so far! We are just so proud of him for trying it and so glad he's loving it!

Here are some pictures as well!

A BIG splash!

Daddy helping him back up on the wall. He may look like he's crying, but it's actually a water-logged smile.

So PROUD of this boy!

He took off his life jacket so he could go under without jumping in.

Jumping back and forth between the wall and Daddy.

Going under....

And UNDER! He just kept going and going. Life might start to get a little harder during the summer from now on! We no longer get to sit back and watch him happily splash in the we have to diligently stand watch as he pushes the limits!

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yaya said...

Wow! This is amazing! I am so proud of Austin. He's doing great! Miss him--and the rest of his family!