Thursday, August 27, 2009

Growing Up

It seems like just yesterday that Austin was the same age that Colten is now. He's grown up so fast! The last few posts were more about Colten than Austin, so I decided to do one about Austin since he's going to be going through a little change here soon!
Today, Austin got to go to Creative School at First United Methodist Church and meet his new teachers! He's so excited to start pre-school...and if you're wondering, so is his Mommy! No sappy, teary eyes from either of us. We are both ready!

{ Can you believe this critter that Austin had me run out to see? }
Austin continues to be a good big brother...for the most part. There are times when he gets a little annoyed that Colten is trying to play with the same toy he is playing with, or when his brother is laughing at him when he's a little less than happy. But, for the most part, we couldn't have asked for it to be any better!
Austin will do great in his new school. He's one of 4 boys in his class and the rest are girls. One he already knews from playgroup. The only thing we worry about is Music. They have a lady do music with them every Tuesday. They also have 2 programs during the year that they will be participating in. Austin is NOT a public singer. He won't even sit with the kids at story time in the Library when they are doing songs. He gets embarrassed and just shuts down. Sure, he sings all the time at home, but you get him in front of anyone else, and you won't hear a peep! I'm hoping this is where he grows a little more and does something outside his comfort level. We'll see!

So, there you have it. A little update about Austin. Complete with pictures!

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