Monday, August 17, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Razorback Football, that is!
On Saturday, the Razorbacks were having a practice scrimmage and the public was invited to come out and see the players in action. Naturally, we went. It was free and Brian is getting pumped for football season.

We all got dressed that morning in Razorback shirts...naturally! Austin LOVES his Razorback jersey and wears it at least twice a week. The only time he doesn't is when I'm behind on his laundry and he has to pick something else to wear!

Colten did really well and just crawled around at our feet and ate some puffs. He looks pretty happy, doesn't he!

Afterwards, we went to Hog Heaven to look for some Razorback apparel. Brian's shirts are all really old and the only one I have is one that Brian gave me because it was too short for him. We saw some things we liked, but didn't exactly like the price, so we left and went to lunch. Of course, Austin couldn't leave the store without trying on almost every single football helmet they have!

After eating at Chick-Fil-A, we went over to Big Reds and found some really great deals. Brian ended up getting three items...they didn't have the assortment of women's clothes, so I ended up not getting anything. Same with Colten and Austin got a football. Overall, it was a good day with the Razorbacks!

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