Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Program, Donuts, and More

I can not believe that I forgot to post some of these pictures! However, December was a busy month and they just slipped my mind as I blogged about other things.
Austin's class, the MWF class and both 3 year old classes did a Christmas Program that was just too cute! Austin was pretty happy that his class was the trains and even happier that he got to be a green train!
When he started pre-school, I have already said that we were a little worried about him and his refusal to sing. Especially since every Tuesday, he has a music class! However, he surprised us by singing in his class, but also breaking out in song at home! This made the idea of a Christmas program really fun for us and we looked forward to seeing Austin and his friends up on stage singing with their cute little voices and motions!

After their class song, they sat down and let the other classes sing their songs...

Then, all of the classes sang a few songs together. If you look really closely, you can actually see Austin singing! He did so well and we were so proud! He sang all of the songs and did all kinds of motions like they were supposed to! He's really coming out and showing us just how good school is for him! We are so excited for Kindergarten!

After the program, there were snacks and the sleigh that Santa came out in during the program (you can see him on the left side of the picture above) was sitting out, so the kids got to sit in it.

Earlier in the month, we got to take a Playgroup Trip to Krispy Kreme. We love these donuts, but are VERY glad they are 20 minutes from us. Not exactly convienent enough for us to just run out and get some every week...which is a good thing when we are trying to watch our weight!

We were one of the first ones to get there and the HOT sign was turned on, so Austin got to watch as the hot donuts were made. Just looking at this picture again makes my tummy grumble. What about you?


We got to go behind the counter and look at all the different aspects of donut making and the kids even got to put some sprinkles on their own donuts. YUMMY!

Here's Austin again...but with a silly face that somehow equates to "yummy!"

So, a few more pictures of the boys from December. I was a few days late getting Colten's 10 month picture comparison done and it was actually taken in December. The last few months while taking these comparion shots, Austin has wanted me to take a few of him as well. I thought these turned out pretty cute. Oh, and he wanted his shirt off because he wanted to look "cool." LOL.

Oh, I just loved this one of Austin and Colten even thought Austin is blurry. They really do love each other!


This picture is actually from November if I can remember right. :-) But, I had to throw it in there because I have been wanting to get a picture of Austin doing the same thing right around the same age, but just have never gone looking for it. I still wanted to show it off though because he just looks like he's having so much fun! Ok, plus, I think my boys have to be the cutest two boys in the world!

So, I think I'm caught up now...I know there are a few other things we did in December that I'm not showing, but that's ok. These were the highlights and there have to be some things that just have to be for us, right?

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