Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Spring Day in January

I just can't believe the weather we are having this week! With it being in the 60s, we took the boys out to the park to get rid of some energy. They've been spending way too much time inside and I think the fresh air really helped us all!
I just LOVE this picture of Colten. He's been using this smile a lot lately and it cracks me up everytime. Yes, even when he flashes it when I go back into his bedroom for the 10th time to try and get him to go to bed. :-) He just scrunches up his face and smiles with his teeth showing...he knows he's funny!
Austin enjoyed pushing Colten on the swing...he's such a good big brother!

Of course, he got some of his own time on the swings as well. He kept swinging high, then jumping off. He's getting so big!
Daddy also got to have some fun. Austin thought it was great at how high Daddy was going!

Climbing on up...so determined!
We had a great time, came home and fed Colten while preparing to switch some beds around. Colten ran around in the mess for a bit, while Austin watched a Transformers movie. We finally got the rooms set up and gave Colten a snack, then Austin got dinner. Colten went to bed at 7pm, Austin right after 7:30 and both were OUT within minutes. Colten didn't move a bit after Brian put him down; he still had the blanket on him in the exact same position it was put in.
I think the fresh air was better than I thought...if only the weather would cooperate with us like that for the whole winter!!!

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