Monday, January 11, 2010

White, Wet and Cold

I truly thought we would miss the snow while we were gone. Our area got a few inches of snow on Christmas Eve. I was a little disappointed that Austin wouldn't get to play in it and figured that since we were there, that it would be the only snow our area would get all winter. We just have that kind of luck!
It snowed again while we were gone to Little Rock. I saw all kinds of people commenting about it on Facebook. I thought that we would definitely not have anymore since it snow TWICE while we were gone!
The day before we got back to NWA, they got another 3 inches of the white stuff! And it definitely wasn't going to go away before we got there!
So, after getting back and unloading the car and doing a few other things, I got Austin bundled up to go outside. It was pretty cold out there, but nothing like we knew we were going to get, so I figured it was now or never.
Now, I knew that if I didn't buy any snow pants that we would get snow. If I would have bought them, we wouldn't have gotten one single flake. So, he wore jeans under the wind pants that you see in the picture. A t-shirt, a sweat shirt and a double layered coat. Plus hat and gloves. I don't think he was cold (until the snow went up his sleeves).

Just like last year, he wanted to make snow angels. The boy loves to make them!

Then he wanted to make snow balls.

And then he wanted to throw those snowballs!
This picture was taken totally by accident. I thought I was going to take a picture of him throwing it at Brian, but he turned around and started to throw it at me. The focus is off, but I was more worried about shielding my camera than the picture! I'm glad it took because it's one of my favorites!
Ok, so it's the second year in a row that we have not had a sled. I'm not sure that Austin really cares that much since he seems to be having just as much fun on the body board as he would probably have on a sled!

Later, we got Colten in the snow. This is his first time out in the snow. Of course, we don't have anything for him to be in the snow either, but he wasn't out there that long. Maybe 3 minutes?

So, he's probably not ready to go sledding or anything, but at least I have the pictures to prove that he had this experience, right?

He obviously doesn't like the cold stuff. I'm pretty much right there with him. I like to look at it and I'm sure 30 minutes or so would be fine to sled in or whatever, but I am much happier looking at it from inside while drinking some hot chocolate!
So, now it feels like winter (and we've had the almost zero temps to prove it) and looks like winter. I'm done with it...when is Spring?

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