Friday, January 22, 2010

Three in September

September is a lovely month. Kids are getting into the swing of things at school, the weather is (hopefully) getting cooler, and this year, a new baby!

Yep, I said it...a new baby!
The newest addition to our family is due to arrive in September and we couldn't be more excited!

This pregnancy will definitely be different since both of my first were due in January. I will be going through the end of my pregnancy in the heat of the summer and not in the chill of late autumn, early winter. We will actually have a tiny baby at Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas instead of a big, round belly!

Now starts the preparing and baby naming. With Austin we had the names picked out before he was even a thought in our head. With Colten we waited until the ultrasound to even start discussing names. I'm not completely sure what we'll do with this one.
As far as how the boys are doing...Austin is excited. He has wanted another sibling for months. I think he actually started asking about another baby soon after Colten was born. He wants a baby sister this time though. However, he'll be happy with another brother. Colten, the poor baby, has no clue just how much his world will be turned upside down. There is a huge difference between where he is now and where he will be in 8 months, just not enough to fully understand what a new baby will mean for him.

So, now the wait begins.

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