Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Warming Up For Some Family Time

Today was actually warm enough for some nice family time outside. I am SO GLAD about this! Last weeks temps were in the single digits. It was hard to get the kids out to go to the store, much less to play!
We still had a bit of snow in the backyard where the sun doesn't reach, but I think it should be all melted away by tomorrow. We put the kids in some warm jackets and headed out for a walk, bike ride, and car ride.

Austin had some Christmas money and when we went grocery shopping, Daddy took him to pick out a toy. I was just about done with my shopping and decided to head over to the toy aisle and see what they had picked out. About half way there, I see them coming down the aisle, with Austin riding on this green bike. Apparently, he decided that there wasn't anything he wanted more than this awesome green bike. Even the Transformer bike wasn't as cool as this one! It even had a reving engine sound, just like a motorcycle, on one of the handles.

Colten has been playing with his Cozy Coupe in the house since he got it from Santa. He just loves this car...but he got a real kick out of it when we took him for a ride outside! I put him in it and started pushing and he was laughing and steering and jumping up and down in it! It was so funny! He was steering with the wheel for 3/4 of the trip.


Even the dogs got to get some outdoor exercise!!!

Colten not being amused with my camera anymore.

Trying for a brother picture after our walk, but Colten couldn't stop staring at Austin and Austin wanted his helmet off.


We got back to the house and Austin decided he wanted to push Colten in his car for just a bit longer. Obviously, Colten didn't mind! They had a blast and it was cute to see Austin have so much fun pushing his brother!

I hope it stays this "warm" for the rest of the winter...I think I'm done with that wet, white stuff.

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