Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Half Year!

So, I'm a tad late. At least he's still 6 months old, right? :-) That, and since I was late, I can include his height and weight since his well baby was later as well!
Aiden is such a good baby! At least during the day! He naps well and is on a pretty good schedule. He does get a little messed up if we have to be out during his first nap, so I try not to do that.

Aiden still sleeps in our room with me. He isn't sleeping through the night and he was waking Colten up around 4am, who was hard to put back to sleep, so I just brought him back to our room. I hated doing that, but I didn't want TWO kids up at 4am, so it has been for the better! He HAD been sleeping through the night, but I think his night waking started out because we switched him to his room and that was different for him. Then, I think he went through a growth spurt since he was eating a LOT. Then he started teething!

Teething has been really hard on this little boy! He whimpers some nights and has a really hard time staying asleep those nights. Tylenol (and now Motrin) and Orajel have been our best friends on those nights. :-)

Aiden is sitting on his own pretty well now. He isn't crawling or pulling up or any of that crazy stuff that Colten and Austin were doing at this age! I am so thankful for that! Can you tell that he is our third? I am in no rush to have him mobile!

For the most part, Aiden is a pretty laid back baby, but when you make him mad, WATCH OUT! This kid has some lungs on him and he makes it known that he isn't happy! This usually happens around 10pm when he wakes up to eat before I go to bed. I have to change his diaper and he HATES it! He does this sometimes during the day as well and I've been on the phone with people during this and they always comment about how mad he sounds!

Aiden is finally eating solids a little better. He just had NO interest in them for a while and had some pretty bad tongue thrust and it made it really hard to feed him. Now, he opens his mouth for the next bite and eats pretty well. Because of his disinterest, he started on mostly sweeter foods and now I am going to go back and try green beans and peas. I tried peas the other day, but it was homemade and not as smooth as store bought so he didn't like the texture. We'll try store bought and see how he likes them that way. Other than that, he's had and liked Acorn Squash, Peaches and Apple. I'm going to add in avocado tomorrow since I tried it back when he wasn't wanting anything. It's such a good fruit with lots of good fat and essential vitamins that I really want him to eat it. He's eating his solids mostly at night with some solids in the mornings every once in a while (we just started that a week ago).

Aiden wears 6-9 month clothes at this point. He can wear a 12 month shirt since I don't mind them being long on him. I had to send back about 10 of our cloth diapers because of a defect, so I've had to use a lot more disposable diapers lately. He is in a size 2 in Luvs, but I think we'll be moving up to the 3s next time I need to buy them. Hopefully, we'll get our cloth diapers back from the manufacturer soon so I don't have to do that for a while!

Aiden likes toys to go straight into his mouth. He's working on that 3rd bottom tooth and I can see it, it's just taking it's sweet time pushing through!


At his 6 month well baby appointment, they measured him at 26 inches and 15 lbs and 10 oz. At each of his well baby appointments, the doctors have expressed a little bit of concern over his growth curve for his weight. It's been 3 different doctors. This last one has me a little worried because I wonder if it was the same doctor if it would be more of a concern because he/she would see him every time. He's breastfed, so I know his growth isn't going to be the same as a formula fed baby. However, I had always heard that a baby is supposed to double his/her weight by 6 months and he didn't. In fact, he's about a pound off of that. Is that something to be concerned over? I didn't have to worry about that with Colten...I think I remember him being about 20 lbs by now! He was a chunker and Aiden just isn't. So, I'm hoping he starts gaining some weight with the addition of these solids. If I feel like he isn't, then I guess we'll head back to the doctor and see if it's an issue and go from there. I guess I'm just glad he isn't LOSING weight! :-)


Ellie said...

Oooh Oooh! I know this answer being that I have the world's smallest 4 year old! He's breastfed, relax. If he's meeting milestones don't freak. Cecily went through so much because she was small and it turns out, well, she's small. The other two aren't. We'll see about Jude. But my hope is you aren't afraid because of them. MOST pedi's have 2 Human Nutrition classes. They take 2. Its silly that they consider themselves to be professionals in this area. Yes. Traditionally they double by 6 months and triple by a year...but both my little ones never did and Simone didn't either. The bookends (S and F) have height which keeps them out of suspicion however my statement is we all aren't going to be giants :) American babies are getting fatter, and obesity is an epidemic. Unless you feel he's not getting enough nutrients, and isn't meeting milestones, don't freak!!!!! I spent about 6 months of my life fearing the worst and truth be told, the kid is small. She's now almost 30 pounds and is the same height as the 2 year old...measuring in at 34". No worries :)

jilljohnandhope said...

Hope says "Hello! Welcome to this side of the curve!" :) Other than his birth weight, has he been following his own curve? With Emmy, we knew she was little, but it wasn't until she fell off of her own curve that they got worried. She is back on it now, and doing fine. Hope has always hugged the bottom of the curve, but the doctor always tells me, that's why there is a bottom :) She doesn't jump around the curve, she stays on track for her. I definitely would not worry about the double/ triple rule.

And also, OMGsh I just cannot get over how much he looks like Brian!

Brian and Kerum said...

So, twice I have written a comment and twice it has been lost. GRRRRR.

I am not totally freaked out yet. I'm concerned. Mostly because I feel like Aiden is just another well baby appointment to these doctors. I'm tired of hearing, "well, his curve isn't that great," and not hearing anything else. I am nursing him a LOT. He eats in the middle of the night...sometimes up to 3 times. You'd think the kid would be HUGE with as much as I am feeding him! Which is what is concerning to me after I keep hearing this over and over. What if he's not getting enough and that's why he's eating so much? It keeps going through my mind...and I can't shake it.

I know you both have had experiences with smaller kids. It's just different for me because we didn't have to worry about our 95th percentile child (Austin) or Colten, who was 20 pounds at 6 months (but is still a little on the shorter side). This is a new world for me! :-) Plus, Brian and I are not exactly small people, so I wouldn't expect any of our children to be on the smaller side either.

What is keeping me calm is that he IS growing. He gained 2 lbs and grew an inch in the last two months. Not exactly what the "experts" say they should grow in that amount of time, but it's better than my opinion. :-)

He is also hitting milestones. Not as quickly as his brothers, but he's a different kid and not everyone can hit those ahead of the curve like the other two did.

So, thanks. It feels better to know others who have "small" children and hear from you guys again. I also don't feel so crazy to worry. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, I think he's just "perfect"! Looks sooooo much like his mommy! Even though Jill thinks he looks like Bri.