Friday, March 11, 2011

Myrtle Beach

It took ALL weekend for Dianne and I to take the kids to the beach. We got to Myrtle Beach on Friday afternoon and about an hour and a half before we left on Sunday afternoon is when we finally had the time to take them. Kind of sad, huh!
In hindsight, we should have gotten up early on Saturday and taken the kids down to the beach for the sunrise. I was up for it and took the pictures in the previous post, but Colten wasn't up and Austin got up in the middle of the sunrise. He got to see it, but there wasn't anyway we were going to get down there in time.
We had planned on taking them down there on Saturday evening, but it looked like it was going to rain at any moment, so we took them to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner instead. We planned on getting up early for Sunday's sunrise. Fog messed those plans up, as it came in on Saturday night and only got thicker overnight. I got up and couldn't even SEE the ocean from our room.
Finally, after our last class and lunch that afternoon, we got the kids over to the beach! The middle of the day is NOT the best time to get pictures of people. There's almost always squinting and harsh shadows, but that was all we had to work with. I think the pictures turned out pretty good anyway and I KNOW my kid had a blast in the water. Austin was just disappointed that he couldn't get in fully because of the temperature.


He wasn't mad...that's the squinting I'm talking about coming into play here. He wasn't entirely sure of walking through the dry sand was kind of hard for him.


This is what was left of the fog from the night before/that morning.

It was still being burned away by the sun...which was still REALLY bright!



My three boys. I had envisioned this picture a little differently, but things don't always work out exactly...especially when kids are involved!

Love this picture! We got some of the boys and I, but I will save those for another post! :-)



I took some of Dianne and her kids that turned out really cute. I posted them on Facebook, so I won't be redundant and post them here too. We had a fun weekend and the trip to the beach capped it off pretty well!

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