Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No Regrets

I went to Target on one of the days I had the kids in childcare for the day. The very last item I put into my cart was two bottles of bubbles. Crayola Colored Bubbles to be exact. I thought the boys would like them, but I was a bit skeptical that they'd be so colorful.
I got home with two of the kids, the third one got home shortly after and he is the one that found the colored bubbles. I wasn't prepared to let them play with them yet...I hadn't read the bottles (that ended up being FULL of warnings), but I figured if I let them out in the back with them, that nothing could be hurt.
When Colten first opened his bottle and pulled out the wand, I crossed my fingers and hoped that they truly were washable like the packaging had promised. I mean, it was like he was blowing bubbles with PAINT!

I was really worried about those white sleeves.
But, I just loved how colorful the bubbles were!!! And Colten loved it too! In Speech, he's working with his therapist using bubbles, so he was so happy to be playing with them in his own backyard!
Austin got green, of course!
He first started blowing them on the grass like his brother, but then started walking around and blowing them.
With big brother walking around blowing bubbles, little brother decided HE needed to walk around blowing bubbles as well! This included the deck area.
Remember, I didn't read those warning labels until after they started walking around. Then, I realized that they shouldn't be blowing those bubbles and letting them pop on the deck. All those dribbles and bubbles ended up staining the non-sealed wood...sorry Brian!
However, the look of joy on these boys faces took away any regrets that I may have had after finding out that the wood was now colored for good. In fact, I still have them sitting on the back of the sink in the kitchen, waiting for another nice day when the boys have played everything they possibly could and are now "bored."
At that time, I will send them out the front door to blow the staining colored bubbles in the cul-de-sac. :-)

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Randy and Leslie said...

It will give your deck character :o) I am gonna have to get some of those for Claire, she LOVES bubbles.