Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Potty Training

Yep, it's that time again. We have a 2 year old and he is interested in the potty. He has gone quite a bit on his own and this started before he even turned 2. I had NOTHING to do with it. He just started wanting to sit there and suddenly things started happening! Great, right?
Weeeelllll, sure, if he would stay dry when putting something on him! He does great when he is naked. He goes to sit on the potty by himself and goes. He has even done this with #2 which was a HUGE surprise to me. However, when you put underwear on the kid, he thinks he can just go in them. I mean, 20 minutes after going on the potty he'll go in the underwear! I don't have pull ups, so it's not that. I use REAL underwear. Yes, we had LOTS of puddles on the floor and pee running down his legs.
Well, until he can figure this step out, I can at least prevent the pee running down his legs and the puddles on the floor.

These cloth trainers are AWESOME. They are from a company called Blueberry and they are a tad thicker than underwear since they have a waterproof layer hidden inside the fabric. They are easy to pull up and down and look just like underwear, which is good for Colten because that's what he wants to wear. It's also good because he FEELS wet instead of staying dry with our cloth diapers (they are made of micro-fleece so he doesn't really feel wet when he goes in them).
The good thing for Mommy is that I don't have to clean up puddles anymore! Sure, I have to wash the underwear, but that's nothing compared to scrubbing the carpet. I can put these on him when I really want him to try underwear on and not worry about the carpet. So, we are both happy!
They are a tad expensive, but with a credit at a cloth diaper store online, I got them for half off. Not bad! We have one other pair of cloth trainers and I like them, they just don't have the cool fabric choices and I think the elastic at the legs are a tad tight, but if we went up a size, the waist would be HUGE.

So, for now, potty training is for home only. We are out and about a lot because of speech and gymnastics, so it's not getting the attention that it needs. However, I think when he's ready, he'll get over that hurdle and just start staying dry in the underwear. I'm not pushing it, but am just encouraging it when we have time. It's a lot different than last time...a 2 year old is harder I think than a 3 1/2 year old! There's a lot more involved and with Colten not being as verbal, sometimes it's hard to know when he needs to go sit down on the potty.
It's pretty cute though and I know he's so proud of himself when he goes on the potty. We get so excited and he just beams from ear to ear. He's such a big boy now!

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