Saturday, June 27, 2009

5 Month Comparison

So, I think this is the first month of many where we are going to have a hard time getting this kid to cooperate with these comparison pictures!
Here's the one I figured would work the best:

Here are some of the pictures I thought I would show you to let you see just how hard it is to keep this kid still for even one simple photo!!!
It started out with me putting him next to the bear and him immediately rolling over to attack said bear.

Then, somehow, he got turned sideways.

Then, more bear attacking...he even has his "mean face" on.
So, while I will continue to do the comparisons, I won't guarantee that they'll give you the best shot of how big he's growing since he most likely will be in some sort of weird configuration. Or held down. Depending on if I have Brian here to help me out or not!

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